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⌈ChinKii⌋ ≥∪≤
10 May 2009 @ 11:45 pm
Chinky has finally moved!!!

To all my friends thanks so much!!! Pleased to be adding in my new journal yes? B-but if your on hiatus I'll just message you guys :D
Well I wanted a new name so there new journal. Besides I can't afford the rename shiz so yeah :DD Hahahaha!!
Also...special thanks to Aya for the username suggestion. You da best man!!!!!

Ehh...leaving this journal is pretty tough since it holds some value, but yeah! Time to move on man! To all my online buddies see ya on the other side!!!!
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⌈ChinKii⌋ ≥∪≤
10 May 2009 @ 11:45 pm
Poking at the Hetalia djs right now. A-and...they're okay I guess. Haha, I didn't poke at the explicit ones okay?!? I mean, how could I. Hahaha! They're so pretty man.

Man, if my other fandoms had them safe djs I'd totally read/download them. And yes I pointing at you Zelda. Geeez.

Watched Ghost Hunt at the request of my friend. WHUT. I was scared, but not that scared. But baahh, so lacking.


Hahaha, went to school yesterday and I saw Akira :D T-this time I was sure that I shouldn't be all excited and doki-doki because...just because. It's all one-sided. But ahh, not a chance. He's just so hilarious and amusing~~ And I think my brain just went haywire seeing and talking to him. Again. No sweat this time though XD

Of course, I didn't go to school because of him! (clearly a half-lie) I went there to buy some books for the next school year. It just so happens that the tennis court was near and I'd be bored in the house. So I went there to hang-out.

Damn, he even pinched my face out of nowhere. Which was pretty painful by the way. Weird guy is weird.

Uhhhh. This girly impulses are killing me. And I'm pretty sure you're all sick of hearing this doki-doki shizzz. Hahaha! So excuse the cheese.
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⌈ChinKii⌋ ≥∪≤
10 May 2009 @ 11:45 pm
Ahhh, I'm exhausted.

Well...I'll be moving soon-ish, so I'll just...tell you guys or message you. Hahaha~~

No srsly, I am exhausted. Oh well~ Piano lessons tomorrow and work to do in the night. Wow, summer is busy~~~

Gotta go sleep now. Night~~ :D

AND YENIIIIIIIIIE. SHIT I MISS YOU ALREADYYYYY~~~ *clings* Hope your netz is fixed or something!!!
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⌈ChinKii⌋ ≥∪≤
10 May 2009 @ 11:22 pm

Okay, lies. I did write that and askdlkj I think I have the duty to clear things up...so here's a cheesy tl;dr entry of what happened last friday - that eventful day that drove me crazy enough to write that asdkljh post. Also, excuse the wrong grammar, errors, stuff.

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⌈ChinKii⌋ ≥∪≤
06 May 2009 @ 06:30 pm
I told myself that I won't finish it, but I did. I endured every single scene and managed to finish it, but there's no closure. My fangirl heart somewhat needs more. Oh my god. This is catastrophic. Catastrophic indeed.

*long heavy sigh* WTF SELF. Well anyways, since I'm just so freakin' mind-scarred by that show, I'm currently rehabilitating with Hetalia, K-ON!, and Honey and Clover. You know, just to forget about such things. I sincerely hope it works.

B-but I have to admit. It was a great story ;A; I'm such a sucker for cheesy shoujo stories and this filled that. WTF. It's just that it's BL and stuff, but it was great.

I'm typing as coherently and as composed as possible but I don't think I can't keep up. Oh gawd. Oh mah gawd.

IN OTHER UNRELATED NEWS! Wheeee! I managed to finish my recital piece! It's just that I need to practice more so that I won't press the wrong keys or anything. Hahahaha!!! Isn't that great???

Man, I have the urge the play Twilight Princess again. OH TEEN!LINK ♥♥♥♥

On last thing, would it be cool with you guys if I transferred journals?? WTFBBQ I-I just want a change of name that's all!!! But...what do you guys think? Would it be okay with you???